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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

As a forward thinking company, AI believes that future growth will be achieved not only by increasing market share in current locations but also by positioning itself as the world's preferred choice in the Oil & Gas Industry.

AI's strategy is to:

Expand the Global Reach of our Business and Partner Investments.

By capitalizing on our ability to effectively manage sale and distribution operations in multiple locations, the global reach of our business will be expanded.

Our aim is to expand the global reach of our business through opening new service stations and offices in selected locations, encouraging partnership investments around the world during the next several years. Furthermore, a continuous effort will be made to increase tanker truck fleet and vessel fleet, through partnering with Logistics companies and owners of only high quality, efficient trucks and vessels that meet new rigorous industry standards.

Maintain and Leverage Relationships with our Clients

AI Energy is well-known for its excellent client relationship management system. Over the years, this has been achieved through forging strong relationships with our Clients by providing high-quality products, reliable and timely service as well as safe and innovative solutions that meet their needs. As we continue to expand into new markets, we plan to leverage our current relationships with clients to capture their business in new service locations.

Increase in Service Stations and Expanding into other Business Areas in line with our core business

We believe that an increase in our fuel service stations across the regions in the country can:

Grow fuel sales volumes

Enhance brand identity and advertisement

Extend quality and excellent services to our esteemed clients and community.

Also, there are vast opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry that we can explore and a corporate effort is being made to pool resources to take advantage of these opportunities to create value for our customers.

Provide Innovative Solutions

Our management continues to seek innovative solutions to existing and future energy needs. For example, access to gasoline and other refined petroleum products is costly and may from time to time be subject to restrictions or disruptions in many areas. In response, we have designed and planned fuel trucks to make a distribution in the most remote areas more cost effective and environmentally friendly.