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Happy Customer Service Week!

2020 Customer Service Week celebration

The Customer Service Week celebration is an international event celebrated on the first full week in October by institutions and organizations around the world to recognize and appreciate the importance of customer service excellence in their organizations. Traditionally, customer service week has been the time to highlight and celebrate the great work employees do to take care of their customers.

Customers generally want a good experience and as part of our culture at AI Energy, we took advantage of the opportunity of the celebration slated for 5-9 October, to give our customers what they want – As the Customer is Supreme at AI.

This year’s Customer Service kicked-off with great excitement and enthusiasm as management and staff of AI Energy Group went out in our numbers to the offices of all our Corporate Clients and  Service Station Outlets to celebrate all our customers across the country.

We used the occasion to interact with the customers, pump attendants, supervisors, and other stakeholders to acquaint ourselves with their experiences with AI Energy’s Services and also delight them with our Corporate Souvenirs as a token of our appreciation for patronizing our products and services all these years.
AI Energy received many accolades from enthusiastic and loyal Customers for the stellar service being rendered. Clients are very satisfied with the level of professionalism and customer service at the service station.

For a successful customer service week, we can only say that; We Are, Because Our Customers Have Got Us Covered.

AI Energy, Energy for Life!!!!