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Ghana Combats Rising Piracy, Supplier AI Energy Ensures Secure Bunkering Ops in West Africa
Ghana-based AI Energy says piracy is on the rise in the Gulf of Guinea, prompting the physical supplier and country as a whole to take steps to address the issue and ensure safe bunkering operations.    "Ghana is fast cementing its efforts to become the bunkering hub of Africa by the creation of bunkering zones to reduce the risk of rampant piracy along the Gulf of Guinea," Theodora Ashare, Business Development Senior Officer (Corporate Upstream) at AI Energy Group told Ship & Bunker.   "The rate of piracy within the Gulf of Guinea in the first two months of 2021 has already surpassed that of the first quarter of 2020. This menace prompted the collaboration of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom with Ghana to join forces to combat this appalling threat."   Some 1,500 vessels that ply the Gulf of Guinea route every day, and AI Energy says it has taken its own additional steps to ensure those vessels bunkering in the region can do so safely.
2020 Customer Service Week celebration

The Customer Service Week celebration is an international event celebrated on the first full week in October by institutions and organizations around the world to recognize and appreciate the importance of customer service excellence in their organizations. Traditionally, customer service week has been the time to highlight and celebrate the great work employees do to take care of their customers.

AI Energy Group begins supply of IMO 2020 compliant fuel

AI Energy Group, a wholly Ghanaian-owned oil and gas company, has met all international requirements and standards and has commenced the supply of IMO2020 compliant fuel, which is known as the fuel for the future, to its growing clients in Ghana and beyond.

In a landmark decision for both the environment and human health, January 1, 2020 has been set as the implementation date for a significant reduction in the sulphur content of the fuel oil used by ships.

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